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What is Counselling?

Counselling is way of exploring concerns and feelings in a safe and confidential setting, and with the help of someone who is trained to listen attentively and without

There are many times in our lives when counselling may be helpful, including timeswhen we are coping with major changes, times when we are dealing with losses, or
times when our self-esteem and confidence is low.

Counselling can help you understand yourself better and help you to find your strengths and build on them. It often happens that what starts out as a problem becomes a turning point on the way to discovering a fuller self.


What does Counselling involve

Counselling is usually offered in weekly sessions of about one hour. It is possible to work on a short-term basis (three to six sessions) or on an open-ended basis. As
well as counselling, the support of a group may be available for those who would benefit from it.


What does it cost

Client Fees : Minimum Fees will apply, €20 per sessions for Adults and Adolescents


Who are the Counsellors ?

Counsellors who work with the TORC CFRC are:

– Qualified Counsellor / Psychotherapist MIACP accredited
– In regular Supervision
– Fully Insured
– Work by the Code of Ethics of the Professional Counselling Associations.


TORC CFRC Low-Cost Counselling Service is funded by Tusla Child and Family Agency.


Please read our policy and brochure, any questions, please call us.

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