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Family Support

Family support is a service that provides practical advice, guidance, information and encouragement to both parents and caregivers in a non-judgemental, friendly and respectful environment.


Within the family support service, we provide a range of services including one-one parenting support, Advocacy support, Signposting and Referral Service, Parenting programmes and Workshops, Summer camps and Meitheal’s 


Did you know that the most important relationship your child will ever have is their relationship with you?

“This relationship lays the foundation for your child’s well-being. A positive relationship with you will help your child to learn, make friends and contribute to successfully to society”. TUSLA Parenting 24seven


Family life can be challenging and complicated and all parents struggle from time to time.  The focus of family support is to help, be there for parents, during these times of struggle and to help further enhance and develop parenting skills.


If you feel you could benefit from this service please contact one of our Family Support Workers today


Kayleigh Power:

087 3910032 

Louise Kiely:

087 3907478